Supports fell. At three hours into an eight+ hour print, I was ready to improvise… Did it work? Ask again tomorrow… :-)


Michael K Johnson June 25, 2016 17:26

Some of slic3r’s pillars are… optimistic. I’m finding that pausing the print every 5mm or so to tie together adjacent pillars with layers of masking tape seems to be preventing them from falling over. It is trying in places to print ~2mm pillars a few cm high, which at least on my printer does not work. I think I’ll be past all the silly pillars in a couple of hours.

Michael K Johnson June 25, 2016 19:57

I waited too long to put one tape layer in (about 1cm) and one pillar fell over. Fortunately I got there just in time to put a layer of tape right below the bridge that the pillars were to support, so the one missing pillar didn’t break it.

Unsupported bridge length was also optimistic but I held up the longest bridges temporarily with a painter’s knife while they printed, and the bridge worked.

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