Hey LazyPlus! Today, my Android phone has a new unexpected notification “Set up new Android device / Open in Settings app” which then says “Getting started / To set up your other device, your phone’s Bluetooth and your Wi-Fi data will be used.” But I don’t have a new Android device to set up. Does anyone know what’s going on here?

Eugene Crosser November 17, 2016 14:25

How about this hypothesis:

  1. Your Bluetooth setup is “always visible”

  2. Someone nearby got a new Android device and selected to migrate data from another device. And it tried to connect to whatever Android device it found in the vicinity.

… just not to fall back to the default tinfoil hat conclusion.

Michael K Johnson November 17, 2016 15:13

Bluetooth is on but not visible. I asked and no one near me was doing that. One co-worker reported seeing the same thing recently, though.

Eugene Crosser November 17, 2016 16:26

Even stranger than the occasion itself is that Google does not show any stories or questions or howtos with the phrase

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