Hey lazyweb, I’m looking for N-MOSFETs that will switch 20V or more (VDS) with a VGS 3.3V or lower, so that I can use Real Computers for my intranet of things. I found a reference to PMV16XNR with RDSon under 0.04 ohms at 1.8V VGS and $0.16/unit in 100s. It’s available only in SOT23 though.

I’m interested in TO-92 and TO-220 packages for through-hole (easier to prototype) and in higher VDS (I’ll take higher RDSon) if I can still use 3.3V or even 1.8V VGS. Any suggestions?

Michael K Johnson December 05, 2016 06:54

Oh well, kicad has a footprint for hand-soldering SOT23. ☺

Michael K Johnson December 05, 2016 21:14

PMV20XNE has 30V V(BR)DSS, very flat RDSon down to 2VGS, quite flat RDSon at 1.8VGS up to about 15A, and is very similarly priced. Looks like I should just find or build some SOT-23 prototyping boards so that I can breadboard.

Michael K Johnson December 05, 2016 21:22

looks like exactly what I was looking for.

OSH Park ~ SOT-23 Adapter

Michael K Johnson March 18, 2017 20:49

The PMV20XNE is working well. With Vgs = 3.3, it dissipates 0.345W at Ids 3.832A at about 45⁰C (package temp measured with cheap IR thermometer), giving RDSon of .0234Ω. That is a good fit for the datasheet. That’s with a standard SOT-23 footprint, not with a large drain pad for additional heat dissipation. So when I fab a board I’ll plan to use a large drain pad to keep it cooler and reduce Rds. In context, a .2” 28awg fusible link (because it turns out my 5A polyfuses aren’t rated at a high enough voltage) has about 10% the resistance of the mosfet. It’s a good part.

Now I’m a little bit glad I accidentally bought twice as many of them as I intended!

But a nominally 2mmx3mm part is challenging to hand-solder.

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