I have heard that CrowdSupply has a better track record than some crowdsourcing sites. This project looks interesting.


EEZ H24005: Open Source Bench Power Supply

Nishanth Menon January 14, 2017 17:29

Uhhh 5A!!! Needing close to 12/15 on upper end..

Michael K Johnson January 14, 2017 17:38

I don’t see anything for twice the price commercially that has more than 5A/channel. 5A/channel is actually pretty good looking at the proprietary competition. Got a reference to something you think is better that this would reasonably compete with?

(Now, I do have a linearly-programmable ~24-60V 60A power supply hacked out of an old compaq server power supply, but I use that to charge my electric tractor. ☺)

Michael K Johnson January 14, 2017 19:27

Note: 18 more full kits purchased will fund this project. With 40 days left, that doesn’t seem insurmountable.

Nishanth Menon January 14, 2017 21:32

Been looking for something that can power development boards of around 12v/7amps of today….. Variations of voltages for s/w dev boards does make a bench supply interesting option.

Michael K Johnson January 14, 2017 21:35

ATX FTW for dev boards, no?

Nishanth Menon January 14, 2017 21:40


I might be forced to do just that one of these days…

Michael K Johnson February 10, 2017 20:21

Note that internal channel bonding will let you get 10A at 12V if you need it. But this is probably overkill for the dev board vs ATX unless you actually need the programmable power supply features.

Michael K Johnson February 15, 2017 20:36

+Nishanth Menon take a look at the stretch goals now met. Might meet your needs if 10A is enough.

Nishanth Menon February 16, 2017 08:58

+Michael K Johnson Cool. thanks

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