The H24005 passed its initial funding goal. When it hit its first stretch goal and got an encoder knob it resolved one of my biggest usability concerns. When it hit its second stretch goal the isolated USB and ethernet ports addressed my other major concern. It’s only -42- 41 full kits away from the third stretch goal of adding a low power, high resolution, low noise mode.

EEZ H24005: Open Source Bench Power Supply

Michael K Johnson February 13, 2017 21:40

Not looking great for making the third stretch goal, at 200% of the initial funding minimum. That would require selling 34 more complete kits over 9 days, and the past several days look like they have been more like 2/day than 4/day. So unless there is a flurry of orders at the last minute, he might not hit that target.

Michael K Johnson February 15, 2017 06:37

Or he just might make the third stretch goal after all. 26 more full kits and 8 days; that’s an average of 3.25 per day.

Michael K Johnson February 16, 2017 17:48

Less than $10K to go, mostly in $399 increments… Question is, I suppose, whether it needs new people exposed to it or whether there are people who already know about it dithering on whether to pull the trigger.

Michael K Johnson February 20, 2017 06:50

$84540 of $88000 — 9 more full kits in three days… But I’m skeptical because it looks like the weekends are when most of the backers show up, and there are no more weekends left. But then I was skeptical that it would get this far!

Michael K Johnson February 20, 2017 21:23

$86747 — sold 5 in the past 14 hours; 4 left to sell to pass the third stretch goal in the next two days.

Michael K Johnson February 21, 2017 22:38

$91721 with 44 hours left to go; they more than made it. Maybe they could add a bonus stretch goal? ☺

Michael K Johnson February 23, 2017 19:33

$119174 and the campaign is over. Quite the rush to order at the end. Now, a few months of patience during production. :-)

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