I wish the BeagleBone Blue (BBBL) page would point prominently to http://www.strawsondesign.com/#!manual-install as the first place to find information on using the BBBL. It isn’t listed at https://beagleboard.org/blue — it’s in the middle of a list of the sources of the “legacy” of the BBBL in the README.md in their github page. But as far as I’ve seen so far, there’s no other place to find information on actually getting started with the BBBL. The lede is buried pretty deep here!

Nishanth Menon April 17, 2017 00:05

+Jason Kridner​

Bill Traynor April 17, 2017 16:20

Note that I’ll be getting some info up on soon. Just have to get a BBBL first.


Michael K Johnson April 17, 2017 19:11

A JST harness assortment bundle would be a convenient add-on. I found links to various sets from different sites which would be stupid expensive for shipping. I’d think that an interface harness bundle would go over well, both for students and hobbyists.

Michael K Johnson April 22, 2017 14:24

Well, the information is clearly there now. It might have been there before and I just didn’t know what I was looking for.

Michael K Johnson April 22, 2017 14:49

Now DHCP isn’t working on the USB connection. The WiFi connection using the password “BeagleBone” works but it seems a little dicey to change that config without a working backup so I’d like to diagnose and fix USB Ethernet before touching WiFi config.

Michael K Johnson April 22, 2017 15:16

Well, that was embarrassing. It has been a while since I hooked power up backwards. When I hook it up only to USB, I’m able to use the USB ethernet just fine.

Sadly, it looks like I might have one fried BBBL at least for its intended purpose. The -12V instead of 12V on the barrel connector cannot possibly have been good for it. Nothing smells bad or looks burned, which doesn’t actually make it any easier to diagnose.

Michael K Johnson April 22, 2017 15:20

Oh, plugging it back in to test made it very clear that CHGIC is toast. A flash of light and smoke. That was an expensive mistake.

Michael K Johnson April 22, 2017 15:49

At least they are still in stock at Mouser!

Michael K Johnson April 22, 2017 17:30

The damaged board still boots when powered from USB, and I can still connect to it with USB and WiFi. Without the battery controller I can’t use it for motor controls, but there are still plenty of ports that probably aren’t damaged that I can use for other things. Good thing I ordered extra JSP harnesses for it!

Ordered a new board for the original purpose involving battery power and motor control. ☺

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