Huh. The new Amtrak president is a volunteer — unpaid. I love airplanes and don’t despise commercial air travel but I would totally travel by train sometimes if they could fix the scheduling nightmare where freight trains taking a month to go coast to coast still have priority over passenger traffic, and would sell connected tickets. Right now if you want to buy travel through a hub it’s two separate tickets and if they are late and cause you to miss the next train on your itinerary, so sad for you buy a new ticket. Getting stuck in DC because the train was its typical 10 hours late from NC to DC isn’t workable. Basically you have to schedule at least an overnight with a liberal cancellation policy in DC to make that work.

That seems like a big kind of problem to fix. But we can live in hope.

Amtrak, with former Delta CEO at helm, wants to remind travelers how much they despise flying

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