Want to hack in Go? (Or JavaScript!) We’re doing our next hackathon in February, and like the previous ones we’re not locking employees up with pizza all night. Instead, taking a few normal work hour days to try out new ideas, and then celebrating the results! We have open positions for back end developers (Go) and front end developers (JavaScript) and you could start in time to join us if you act quick! ☺

Michael K Johnson

At a lot of businesses, there is a mission statement that’s dusted off once a year and otherwise ignored. At Pendo, our core values are printed large on our walls and shape our culture daily. Two of them are “bias to act” and “promote life outside work”, and our hackathon earlier this year was shaped by the latter (no all-night pizza burn) and named for the former. We’re doing another hackathon like it in August. We’re hiring!


Exercising Our Bias To HACK - Pendo Blog

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