+Elias Bakken do you know if anyone has Replicape working on a Beaglebone Green?

(I bought a Replicape for a custom corexy build right after you released it; got it a couple years ago. Stuff got in the way and I ended up in limbo until I got a Tronxy X5S as the base for a build. Finally. I had already bought a BBG for a base for the Replicape, but now I see that only the BBB is listed in the Replicape docs…)

Elias Bakken February 03, 2018 08:30

It should work with the latest Umikaze! Double check with +Jon Charnas to make sure. I’ve heard rumors there are two Chinese companies using a clone of Replicape with BBG, but I’m not sure if they have made any changes to it.

Michael K Johnson February 03, 2018 08:47

No harm to try! I should really have asked whether you knew that it wouldn’t work… :) Thanks!

Jon Charnas February 03, 2018 08:58

+Michael K Johnson so I know of at least one person who managed to get it working on the Replicape Slack. User was @Blowfish2003 in the #general chat. Turns out he ran into an issue with having to update the EEPROM on his B3 cape, and as soon as that was done, the replicape was working perfectly afterwards, at least to my knowledge.

Michael K Johnson February 04, 2018 21:30

Thanks +Jon Charnas!

I have a B3 as well. Found for instructions for EEPROM update, should I need it. I flashed it just now; it’s not connected to printer hardware yet. Work in progress…

Replicape rev B - Thing-Printer

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