I am pleased to see that Replicape sends 12V to fans and sensors. My 24V nozzle heater cartridges haven’t arrived yet. I see that (M303 PID tuning) has a P1 parameter for pre-calibration for high power heaters. I’m hoping that protects me from burning out the 12V 40W heater cartridge while I wait for the 24V cartridge to arrive. (Trying to avoid having to use two power supplies when I install the replicape on the Tronxy X5S.)


Replicape Docs | replicape/techspecs

Jeremiah Coley February 04, 2018 14:14

It will draw somewhere around 6amps, not sure the PID will protect it. I used a buck converter till my 24v heater came in.

Michael K Johnson February 04, 2018 14:37

Well, it will draw over 6A when on; 12V²/40W=3.6Ohm and 24V/3.6Ohm=6.66A. That’s not intrinsically a problem as long as the duty cycle is low enough. I don’t have an unused 5A buck converter handy, though; the LM2596 is a 3A part.

I may or may not give it a shot… ☺

Or I’ll just keep using the isolating MOSFET to heat the bed until I have new dual extruder and 24V cartridges.

Michael K Johnson February 07, 2018 22:25

24V cartridges (in cyclops and chimera clones) arrived before I had a chance to test. On the other hand, I still need to design and print the parts to attach them, and the new extruder, to my printer. ☺

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