Someone on the Lowes website team seems to have done a global search-and-replace for “led” with “LED” and it shows up everywhere…


Jon Mayo July 08, 2018 13:51


Curtis Olson July 08, 2018 15:16

Reminds me of a story from a past life as a sys admin. Task: write a script that will clean old files (> 2 weeks) from /tmp on a bunch of work stations that are always left on. Me: accidentally runs the script from “/” as root on a test work station that had all my company’s development work and source code repository stuff NFS mounted R/W for everyone including root. Wonders why the script is taking so long? Thought I killed it, but it somehow survived and continued running over night after I left for the day. Next day: reports of missing source code files and build breakage start trickling in. (Hopefully the statute of limitations has expired and it is now safe to tell this story!)

Edward Morbius July 08, 2018 18:31

I rofLED

Michael K Johnson July 08, 2018 22:13

+Edward Morbius G+ marked your comment as spam; I just saw that and unmarked it. I guess despite a UI that pushes towards short form by hiding all but the first few lines of things, they still assume that comments of only a few words are spam. :P

Edward Morbius July 08, 2018 22:18

+Michael K Johnson Thanks.

The Algorithm and I don’t see eye to eye.

Galen Johnson July 10, 2018 23:34

oh that’s funny

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