My Xperia XZ2 compact is a good phone. Small enough to reach across, just barely enough bezel that holding the phone doesn’t inadvertently register as a touch at the edges, way more battery life than I need, Sony actually provides updates. Given the opportunity to do-over, I would buy it again.

[Deal Alert] Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact is $500 ($150 off) at Amazon and Best Buy, $470 ($180 off) at B&H

Andrew Bradford September 02, 2018 21:20

How’s the camera in your opinion? Sony seems to always get dinged by online reviewers for less than stellar camera abilities.

Michael K Johnson September 02, 2018 22:13

Ironic when they make the best sensors and some really nice cameras, eh? The image stabilization is “electronic” not optical, but it’s quite a decent camera, other than the insane refusal to enable raw that is not limited to Sony. I’d like to make my own decisions in post regarding acceptable noise. But they at least turned on plenty of manual controls.

Overall I’ve been quite satisfied, surprisingly so given the unconscionable lack of tea support…

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