One of my children asked a couple days ago about doing cryptic crosswords again, which led me to discover that Ron Sweet (Kegler)’s excellent crosswords were no longer available online. He had a site (though not at the URL I remembered) that said they were coming back soon. So I sent him an email asking how soon.

Turns out someone else had volunteered to help rebuild a site, but seemed to lose interest after discovering how much work it would be to rebuild it from scratch.¹ With my recent experience transforming sites, I thought maybe I could help. It took a few hours of work to massage the files into a jekyll site, work through a few iterations to clean it up, and figure out what was making Jekyll so slow and fix it.

I’m proud to announce that Kegler’s Kryptics are once again online and available to view and solve.

¹It turns out he did the work, but then missed that when data was restored after an outage, it was reverted to a state without the cryptics by accident. Accidents happen!