Two of the kids and I went to the state fair this morning. We got there before some things opened, and we visited mostly crafts and greenhouses, and ate some food. We skipped the midway. We left around noon and beat the worst of the rush to leave.

We decided not to get any cotton candy at the fair. Instead, when we got home, we made four flavors of sugar:

  1. Raspberry-vanilla (commercial raspberry flavor, home-made vamilla extract)
  2. Coffee (home-made coffee extract)
  3. Cinnamon (home-made cinnamon extract)
  4. Anise (commercial anise flavor)

Then we put the sugar on the 3D printer and set the bed heat to 45⁰C for a few hours, stirring occasionally, until the sugar was quite dry.

We used the backs of spoons and ceramic bowls as mortar-and-pestle sets to crush the sugar, and then made cotton candy. All four flavors were surprisingly good (definitely better than the synthetic normal flavors) and everyone had their favorites, including some mixes like cinnamon-anise and cinnamon-coffee.